The Children

Parents want their child to be healthy, happy and well-balanced, but sometimes they may need help achieving that. Pranic Healing is a powerful tool for children who may be experiencing fatigue, pain, or have been diagnosed with an illness. It not only helps the child but also brings balance to the family dynamic. We specialise in working with energetically sensitive children, helping them understand their sensitivity, how to protect themselves, and providing tips for parents to support them.


Does your child experience physical discomfort, whether it’s a chronic condition or a temporary illness like the flu? Quick healing for children is crucial, and it can be achieved either in-person or through distant healing.

Emotional/ Psychological

Is your child struggling with emotional regulation, focus, or finding inner peace? Are they experiencing anxiety, fear, or depression that is not typical for their age? Have they gone through a traumatic event that requires healing?

Superbrain Yoga

Enrol your child for a brain upgrade session and witness the transformation in their life and family dynamics. Through one-on-one training, your child will learn the Superbrain Yoga technique and other useful tips to improve memory, focus, clarity, creativity, intelligence and achieve overall brain balance.