Energetic Cleansing of the Home

Have you ever entered a room and immediately felt uncomfortable or uneasy? That feeling is due to the energy present in that space. Even if your home doesn’t feel negative, it can still benefit from an energetic cleansing to attract positive energies. Energetic cleansing is recommended for everyone, especially those who have just moved into a new place, those living in highly stressed households, and those who frequently have visitors. It’s a great way to bring in new positive energies and create a harmonious environment.

Rates depend on the size and quality of energy in the space. Please contact us for an Energetic Cleansing of the Home Consultation. 

Pranic Feng Shui – For the Home

Pranic Feng Shui is based on Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings on energy. It can be used to enhance various aspects of life, such as finances, relationships, spirituality, and productivity. The importance of Pranic Feng Shui can be compared to a creek that’s obstructed by rocks and boulders near a village. Once the obstructions are removed, the water flows freely. Similarly, Pranic Feng Shui helps to improve the flow of positive energy in a home through the use of furniture, art, structural design, and directions, among other things.

Energetic Cleansing of the Workplace

If your workplace is a high-stress and fast-paced environment, consider revitalising it with energy cleansing. This can lead to improved work efficiency, productivity, teamwork, creative ideas, and work morale. Working smart is always better than just working hard. To learn more and receive a quote, please contact us.

Pranic Feng Shui – For the Workplace

Are you aware that the placement of furniture, artwork, and desks can significantly impact the energy of a room? Furthermore, the entrance of a business can attract or repel certain types of energy that could affect prosperity. Fortunately, Pranic Feng Shui can make adjustments to improve the quality of the energy in the workplace. Whether you work from home or in a cubicle, a Pranic Feng Shui consultation with us could be the key to boosting success. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your workplace.